SCOM Console Linux Agent Upgrade Issue

When Microsoft releases a new UNIX\Linux agent version and you upgrade the agents, it is possible that the SCOM Console shows upgrade as done but the versions may revert back to the previous version. We will look into why this happens and how to solve it. In low privileged environments, defined UNIX\Linux accounts in your … Read more

SCOMathon 2024

I am happy to say that SCOMathon will be organized again this year. SCOMathon 2024 will be 22 May 2024 again as an online event. Sessions will span from early morning until late in the evening, so as many people worldwide can catch some good sessions from this on the day itself. 8 sessions, 2 … Read more

SCOMeetup 2024

The SCOMeetup event will be organized by OpsLogix again in Gothenburg Sweden on 25 April 2024. It is a day of SCOM and monitoring content presented by speakers from Microsoft, TopQore, Silect, SquaredUp, Teqwave and of course OpsLogix. This is an on-site event, and it is free. If you happen to be in or around … Read more

SCOM 2022 “Failed to find a matching agent kit to install” error

In SCOM, monitoring cross-platform is almost a straightforward process when you configure the environment as explained in the documentation. You rarely have issues when discovering, installing, and monitoring the Linux agents and mostly the problem becomes agent-based, such as accounts, sudo elevation, hostname, or the firewall. This sometimes changes when there are new announcements like … Read more

Cheap SCOM training – and Cloud skills challenge

Hello friends from the SCOM and monitoring community! I want to take this opportunity to call out a few leaning opportunity regarding both SCOM and also Cloud technologies, so bare with me. First of all, TopQore offers a range of SCOM certifications and trainings, from Operator to Administrator and soon Specialist. You can find the … Read more

New SCOM management pack for Certificate monitoring

SCOM monitoring evolves constantly, sometimes through versions and features of the product and sometimes through the Management Packs. Today I want to talk about monitoring certificates and CRL’s for Windows servers and PKI. For years this was covered through a community management pack created by Raphael Burri and is maintained on Github over here. I … Read more

HackaSCOM is coming back again this year 2022

Hello friends. This is an announcement that we will see another HackaSCOM this year in 2022! Dates: 29 and 30 November 2022 Organization: SCOMathon Judges: Stoyan Chalakov, Bob Cornelissen, tbd… Contestants: Come on and take the challenge to take on several community experts into building a Management pack in record time to solve some challenge … Read more