SCOM 2022 “Failed to find a matching agent kit to install” error

In SCOM, monitoring cross-platform is almost a straightforward process when you configure the environment as explained in the documentation. You rarely have issues when discovering, installing, and monitoring the Linux agents and mostly the problem becomes agent-based, such as accounts, sudo elevation, hostname, or the firewall. This sometimes changes when there are new announcements like … Read more

OMI Vulnerabilities in cross-plat management extensions

Using SCOM or Azure to monitor or manage Linux/Unix systems? Read on! Recently a number of serious vulnerabilities have been found in the OMI Framework, which is used as underlying management infrastructure tooling for managing and monitoring Linux/Unix systems. Examples are the SCOM and Log Analytics agents for these systems in Azure and on-prem. And … Read more

Installing a SCOM Linux agent on a server with multiple package managers

While working for a client, the seemingly simple task of installing the SCOM Linux agent on a Red Hat 7 server, suddenly became a bit less easy. After successfully attempting to discover a server and try to manage it as well, the following error previously unknown to me was presented: Failed to install kit. Exit … Read more