Upgrade the backend of your SCOM 2019 environment to SQL 2019 CU7

Good day, fellow SCOM enthusiasts! It seems the day has finally come that SQL 2019 CU7 was released, making SQL 2019 compatible with SCOM 2019. Of course, this does mean that CU7 needs to be installed to successfully host SCOM’s databases. More about this can be found on SCOM 2019’s What’s New page The requirement … Read more

So, can I monitor RedHat 6 with SCOM 2019 UR1’s Universal UNIX/Linux management pack?

Hello fellow SCOM admins,
Some time ago I have blogged about monitoring an older version of RedHat 6 with SCOM 2019. Using an older management pack that usually comes with SCOM 2016, we were able to discover RedHat 6 and monitor it properly.
However, with the release of SCOM 2019 UR1 there were some changes. The availability of the Universal UNIX/Linux management pack would make UNIX/Linux a lot easier, as less management packs are required for monitoring multiple versions of UNIX/Linux. That leaves us with the following question; would that imply the Universal UNIX/Linux management pack, is universal enough to support RedHat 6?
Time to find out! For the sake of this example, let’s have a look how this would go in a semi-fresh installation of SCOM 2019, without UR1, and what management packs are there to support RedHat 6.