SCOMathon 2024

I am happy to say that SCOMathon will be organized again this year. SCOMathon 2024 will be 22 May 2024 again as an online event. Sessions will span from early morning until late in the evening, so as many people worldwide can catch some good sessions from this on the day itself.

8 sessions, 2 keynotes, 2 panel discussions, 2 breaks to visit the online expo, and a vendor session. All will be streamed within GatherTown. Everything will be recorded as well.

The Online Expo will also feature a booth from TopQore, where you can visit us and chat with us. Feel free to come on over!

Also, I am happy to be a speaker again at the event at around 13:15 CEST (Amsterdam) with a session titled: “SCOM Upgrades and Migrations, including SCOM MI”. Because there are many organizations on SCOM 2012/2016/2019 and we see questions regarding upgrades or migrations to the newest supported platform of SCOM 2022. And also, we see questions related to migrations from on-prem SCOM to SCOM MI.

You can find the registration page for the whole event over here: SCOMathon Virtual SCOM Conference – SCOMathon.

Come and see this event if you work with SCOM or Microsoft monitoring in any way.