Azure Automation Runbook RBAC Delegation

Often it can be useful for other teams and departments to edit and run their own Azure automation runbooks, however, this creates a challenge – permissions. Runbooks live and are managed from within Azure Automation accounts which are in turn connected to log analytics workspaces and their associated agents. Both automation accounts and log analytics … Read more

Webinar WMUG NL Monitoring in a Hybrid World

On Tuesday 02 June 2020 at 04:00 pm CET we will host a webinar called “WMUG NL Tuesdays – Monitoring in a Hybrid World” Together with the user group WMUG NL (Windows Management User Group Netherlands) we are presenting one of their WMUG NL Tuesdays sessions as a webinar open to anybody. Bob is also involved … Read more

Fresh blog for BICTT and Bob

The last few days we have been working to move my blog over from the b2evolution platform I have been using for the last 8 years or so to a WordPress based platform. We are actually working on the company website as well, which was hosted on a custom created platform. The main URL for … Read more

OMS – Antimalware Assessment example

As you may know I have been playing with OMS for a while, especially on the Log Analytics side and some security items. One of the solutions I added quickly was the Antimalware Assessment solution.
What the ANtimalware Assessment does is first of all…