Webinar Monitoring in a Hybrid World 26 March

On 26 March 2020 at 15:00 CET (Amsterdam time) we hosted a webinar titled “Monitoring in a Hybrid World” with as speaker… Bob Cornelissen.
I have been getting a lot of questions the last year about monitoring in a hybrid world as I would call it. Questions such as…

  • Can I monitor Cloud resources and Office365 from SCOM?
  • Can I monitor my Windows Server in the Cloud with Azure Monitor?
  • Can I monitor Windows Servers in Azure with SCOM?
  • Can I monitor Servers and services in my datacenter from Azure Monitor?
  • Are there things in either Azure Monitor or SCOM which are not present in the other solution?
  • Should I use multiple monitoring solutions now that we are using resources both in datacenter and in the cloud?

In this webinar I plan to go into some of these questions and try to address the big picture and show a few possibilities.
Please register if you want to see a recording of the webinar by clicking on the picture or the link.

Recording can be requested through https://topqore.com/webinars/monitoring-in-a-hybrid-world/ and you will receive an email immediately with the recording.

Registration link to the recording of the meeting:
I hope to see you at this meeting!
Bob Cornelissen