Fresh blog for BICTT and Bob

The last few days we have been working to move my blog over from the b2evolution platform I have been using for the last 8 years or so to a WordPress based platform. We are actually working on the company website as well, which was hosted on a custom created platform.
The main URL for my blog  is still the same. We are redirecting all old URL’s connected to the naming of the old platform to the new URL’s on the new platform. This should keep all content from the previous years available and reachable.
Commenting is still disabled, because this caused hundreds of fake messages selling all kinds of stuff, per day. I could not even keep up moderating them all. Of course you can try and contact me through my email and reference the specific post if you have remarks, questions, corrections or anything like that.
We will probably change the theme of the blog a bit a few times, but let’s see how we can be good for the future on this platform. Thanks to Michael Hosker of our team for the migration!
Don’t forget to keep monitoring and managing on-prem and in the cloud.