IIS Permissions Best Practice

Here is another blog post by Mike Hosker about IIS permissions in combination with WordPress addons on a VM: First, I must start off with a confession here. I totally borked the file permissions I am about to show you the first time I did this and was subsequently up until 5am rebuilding the server. … Read more

NiCE Active 365 MP 3.10 released

A few days ago NiCE released their newer version V3.10 of the Active 365 management pack for monitoring Microsoft 365 and Office 365 components. For some highlights of new features check the list below: New with the NiCE Active 365 Management Pack 3.1 release New Service Level Reports for Microsoft 365 Services New Service Level … Read more

Webinar WMUG NL Monitoring in a Hybrid World

On Tuesday 02 June 2020 at 04:00 pm CET we will host a webinar called “WMUG NL Tuesdays – Monitoring in a Hybrid World” Together with the user group WMUG NL (Windows Management User Group Netherlands) we are presenting one of their WMUG NL Tuesdays sessions as a webinar open to anybody. Bob is also involved … Read more

So, how did we do that blog move?

Greetings, Mike here – TopQore sys admin, bringing you my first blog post! Today I thought I would write a bit more about how we actually performed the migration of this blog (twice!). This post will actually come in two parts – this first post detailing the 2017 move from B2 Evolution to WordPress and … Read more

How to configure VS Code for Azure DevOps

Today we have another blog post from our guest blogger Gourav Kumar. This time he writes about using VSCode for Azure DevOps and making the connection.   How to configure VS code for Azure DevOps 1.     Overview   This article provides details about how to use VS code for Azure DevOps along with GiT repositories. … Read more

Moving blog to blog.topqore.com

Hello all followers of this blog. Starting yesterday we moved the blog which was first at www.bictt.com/blogs  to blog.topqore.com.  We did a move before at the same bictt address but to a different blog software (b2evolution to WordPress). So now we moved it to TopQore and created translation rules for the previous links to still … Read more

Azure Portal Issue or Your Internet is Poor

Hi All, As Bob is busy in meetings, webinar and other stuff so he asked me to write something for our new blog. I thought a lot and found, This time we should share something related to new Kid of MS. This is none other than….. yes, you are guessing pretty right here. We are talking about … Read more