Moving blog to

Hello all followers of this blog. Starting yesterday we moved the blog which was first at  to  We did a move before at the same bictt address but to a different blog software (b2evolution to WordPress). So now we moved it to TopQore and created translation rules for the previous links to still work from both former locations and arriving at the correct posts here. If that is not the case please inform us and we will fix that. Also this site is in the cloud now. We will continue to blog with the same team and are open to suggestions for more posts by anybody. It is a community thing, so we can all share in whatever we find out there that might help you or us to find the technical information we need.
So the new blog is at  and I hope that’s where you are reading this already.
We have added a link to the new RSS feed in the top menu here as well.

Now, onwards to blogging more. Best regards from the TopQore team,

Bob Cornelissen