Find Storage Account Used for Diagnostic in Azure VM

Next is another guest blog by Gourav Kumar… I am writing this block after a while,So let’s make some noise first….. HEY! I am back……I was just busy in my daily operations and learning to complete AZ103, AZ300, AZ301 and AZ500 certifications. Now let’s get started and get back to business for that we are … Read more

Azure Portal Issue or Your Internet is Poor

Hi All, As Bob is busy in meetings, webinar and other stuff so he asked me to write something for our new blog. I thought a lot and found, This time we should share something related to new Kid of MS. This is none other than….. yes, you are guessing pretty right here. We are talking about … Read more

Find Disconnected User on Servers using PowerShell Script SCOM Monitor

There are some slowness on Azure and On-premises servers. And as a part of CloudOps and DevOps team I again need to look into it, so given a promise to my server and application owner that I will work on it.   And found some curios and interesting facts in this case. Teams are accessing … Read more

SCOM alert rule MP fragment for CPU and Memory

Hi All, We are back with new MP fragments for Core monitoring of Server. Before writing and sharing anything…………    just a quick question Have you ever thought we could create CPU, Memory, Disk alert using SCOM rule? If Yes, You are like me…….. If No, Then you are not like me……… LOL Ok, Coming to … Read more