SCOM alert rule MP fragment for CPU and Memory

Hi All,

We are back with new MP fragments for Core monitoring of Server.

Before writing and sharing anything…………    just a quick question

Have you ever thought we could create CPU, Memory, Disk alert using SCOM rule?

If Yes, You are like me……..
If No, Then you are not like me……… LOL

Ok, Coming to work I am always curious to do something new and spread this across the world to help others as much as I can.

Earlier I have written a blog related to alert rule. In that I have illustrated, how we can create an alert for Logical Disk using a SCOM Rule.

You can check this here, It will open in a new tab.

After getting some awesome feedback on it. I decided to write blog on other alert rules related to CPU and Memory.

Guys, you can check and download these alert rule from below links:-

Alert Rule Mp Fragment for CPU

Alert Rule Mp Fragment for Memory

Note : – These alert rules are targeted at Processor, Memory and Logical Disk classes (As per SCOM best practice). I have neither targeted these to the Windows Computer class nor Server OS (OS Family) class. And they might create alert for windows computer set as for Linux boxes we have different counter values.

Request : – Kindly do share your feedback and rating on TechNet gallery. This will play an unseen motivate in writing some new and cool stuff 🙂

Gourav Kumar