Creation of a Disk Alert with a SCOM Rule

Hi All,
As this is my very first blog and very exciting to write. Before writing anything I like to thank my all mates and others for their support.
Special thanks to Bob Cornelissen The SCOM BOB. 🙂

Now coming back to work, this blog is all about alert creation using a SCOM rule.

Earlier I had a problem with one of my clients. We have some Citrix servers configured over Gold Image. That image has only 60 GBs of space and there are 30 servers running on it. So it tends to get disk issues all the time on these servers. Hmph…..
Since these servers had a very limited amount of Disk space, due to this we had alerts very fast on 5% threshold and some time we missed that. And disk filled in quite a dramatic manner.
As a typical SCOM guy, I used threshold modification for these servers class/object. But when your Disk having churn and there are 30 servers running on this shared resource only God can help you…
Even I had also created a new monitor for these servers and what I did, put a critical alert threshold for 5% for the first monitor and 2% for the second monitor. But it will create a lot of mess when the monitor is already RED then we do not have alert again or we had also faced a flood of alerts on SCOM console. This solution is totally Grrrrrr………….
Now I thought only SCOM Rule can help me to monitor these servers as they do not have any dependency on health and it can create an alert on every sample after a certain defined threshold. So I have started asking help … help.. and got some, started the creation of MP Rule fragment and after some time I got this in my arsenal.
I thought creation a rule for DISK is not possible from SCOM console so I have written this blog also published this fragment to TechNet Gallery.
You can download this from below link to create your MP for DISK monitoring. Feel free to use and modify it and do rate and share your feedback on it.
Some Do, Don’t’s and conclusion:-
This is an obvious question that why we create this alert using rule when it is only repeating count and other questions you have in your mind.
We need to send one report to Management every Week/Month by selecting windows computer object and if we go with monitor then we could see the report is in Red and this we will not want as a SCOM Admin. So this is the main reason to use this rule for the alert.
Hope you enjoyed reading this 🙂
Gourav Kumar