New SCOM management pack for Certificate monitoring

SCOM monitoring evolves constantly, sometimes through versions and features of the product and sometimes through the Management Packs. Today I want to talk about monitoring certificates and CRL’s for Windows servers and PKI.

For years this was covered through a community management pack created by Raphael Burri and is maintained on Github over here. I have been making small changes to it in the past.

There have been many requests from the community to create a pack maintained by the Microsoft SCOM team and now they have created one.

For the most part the functionality in the end is quite similar, because the community version was taken as an example. Of course, it was completely written from the ground up.

What is also worth mentioning is that also for this MP, you better read the manual coming with it to get it to work correctly. It includes a GUI from the SCOM Admin pane where all discoveries and many settings can be configured.

Currently (middle of September 2022) this management pack is still in CTP version (which means a testing version which can be changed with feedback etc., from community and customers). Please keep an eye on the naming of the pack for the download and before implementing it in production. I suggest to always test packs in a SCOM test environment first.

This management pack is supported for SCOM 2019/2022.

The Announcement by the SCOM product team can be found here. SCOM Management pack for Certificate Monitoring – Microsoft Tech Community

The Management pack download can be found here. Download Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Management Pack for Certificates Monitoring (CTP) from Official Microsoft Download Center

Enjoy the coming stages of certificate monitoring.

Bob Cornelissen