Webinars at Silect MP University

Hello all! Our friends at Silect are organizing another MP University again with a lot of SCOM content!

On Wednesday 8 June at 8AM Eastern Time to 1 PM (14:00 to 19:00 in Europe), there will be several sessions by Aakash Basavaraj, Kevin Holman, Mike Sargent, the OpsLogix team and TopQore’s Bob Cornelissen!

I will have a 45 minute session about Upgrading SCOM to SCOM 2022 and what things to consider when it comes to management packs as well. I will try to cram as much in there as I can in a short session. Also we will have a live Q&A at the end of the event, where we will also be around to answer any questions.

TopQore’s Bob Cornelissen will also be doing a webinar:

Title = Upgrading SCOM Fast and Furiously

Description = Since the release of SCOM 2022 there are regular requests for a short guide to SCOM migration from older versions to the latest version. In this session we will talk about the process, what version upgrades are supported, and what to think about while migrating your management packs.

Timeslot during MP U = unknown. Session is about 45 minutes.

This is our webinar page for our webinar. During the time before the actual event, it will redirect you to the registration page for the whole event at Silect! After the event, we will have a link to the recording there and an option to register for the session through our system afterwards to also get an attendee badge!

MP University – Upgrading SCOM Fast and Furiously | TopQore

Hope to see you all there!

Bob Cornelissen