System Center 2019 UR3 released

Last night Microsoft released Update Rollup 3 (UR3) for System Center 2019, with updates for the products DPM, SCOM, VMM and SCORCH.

The overview page with the links to the separate products can be found here.

I will give a short overview of the fixes and improvements in those products.

For SCOM I will write a separate post for the fixes and one for the new features.



  • When restoring VM from a checkpoint, the VLAN checkbox gets cleared out and the VM goes offline.

  • VMM Cluster Refresh job takes too long to complete when large number of CSVs are assigned to the cluster.
  • Replication status is displayed incorrectly in VMM console, after replication is resumed after a failure.
  • PowerShell scripts defined in the Operations Manager MP is non-executable as there are no script engines.
  • VMM SCOM integration fails with multiple ‘DiscoveryDataInvalidRelationshipSource ExceptionOM10’ exceptions.
  • Critical exception is thrown when network site assignment is changed for a logical network definition in VMM console.
  • VM creation doesn’t use the right vSwitch when there are duplicate VLAN IDs associated with unique subnets.
  • VMM service account’s Temp folder (C:\Users\<vmm service account>\AppData\Local\Temp) fills continuously with temp files in .LOG1 and .LOG2 extensions.
  • Upgrading from 2019 RTM to UR1/UR2 fails with Microsoft.VirtualManager.DB.CarmineSql exception.
  • VM doesn’t get assigned with an IP address when IPv6 dynamic option is selected.
  • Removing VMM service fails intermittently as Remove -SCService job hangs at 99% completion.
  • VMM console crashes when selecting properties of a S2D cluster.
  • Upgrading to 2019 UR1 or UR2 fails with SQL exception error.
Other Improvements and Features
  • Performance improvement in managing Storage providers added as part of S2D cluster management at scale.
  • SCVMM 2019 UR3 also has additional new features introduced. For details on the new features refer to the documentation here.




  • Unable to set alternate icon for Run Program activity.

  • Opening runbooks (in Runbook Designer) with alternate icon set is significantly slower than with standard icons.
  • Failing to log change when looping on an activity is enabled.
  • Password variables defined in runbooks are cleared after uninstalling and reinstalling SCO 2019 UR2
  • Attachment upload activity to share point fails with access denied exception
  • Queued instances on runbooks causes SQL deadlocks and orphaned runbooks.



  • Restore of Windows Server 2016 NTFS deduped volumes with DPM 2019 running on Windows Server 2019 results in corrupted files.

  • Volume to volume migration might fail if there are recovery points that got deleted from the disk.

  • Unable to re-protect the inactive BMR or system protection server workloads because the size calculation in wizard never completes.
  • Backup fails because the protection agent was temporarily unable to respond as it was in an unexpected state.

  • Backup fails due to the error: replica couldn’t be mounted or unmounted due to open handle on the replica.
  • Recovery point schedule is not displayed in Protection Group summary for file-folder or volume backup.
  • DPM service crash occurs when DPMRA is forcefully disconnected, and DPM is unable  to get the OS version of protected machine, while processing the backup failure.
  • Consistency check might fail with Access denied error,  if there is another open handle by a different process, on the volume to be mounted by DPM.
  • DPM Management console might crash while creating a Protection Group, when underlying storage is legacy storage.
  • In some scenarios, DPM Management console might not display Protection Group details in the Details pane.
  • DPM Management console might crash, when navigating to alerts in Monitoring tab or when the job information is getting updated on Recovery wizard.
  • DPM Management console might crash when recovering VMware VMs using an External DPM server.
  • DPM Management console might crash while re-cataloging an imported tape that contains VMWare backups, and then clicking Recovery tab.



Listed separately in my next post.

SCOM 2019 UR3 download and list of fixes

SCOM 2019 UR3 list of new features.


Have fun!

Bob Cornelissen