SCOM Version Poll

Hello SCOM community friends. We would like to know what versions of SCOM you are running in Production. This is also a research for the upcoming SCOMathon session in June (will blog separately). We would love to get an idea of numbers of SCOM versions running in your environments.

We have posted a poll on our LinkedIn page (does not allow multi-select of options), and we have posted another version of the poll on our other social media channels.

If you click on the picture or link below it will take you to the poll on the external site. No logion required and its anonymous. There you can also multi-select versions if you are running multiple versions of SCOM in production. It has an option to comment as well if you feel like it. Otherwise just select an option and click through it.

What Microsoft SCOM version do you use in production? – Poll (

We will publish the results of course on our blog and in the webinar(s).

Thank you very much for sharing and answering!

Bob Cornelissen