HackaSCOM is coming back again this year 2022

Hello friends. This is an announcement that we will see another HackaSCOM this year in 2022!

Dates: 29 and 30 November 2022

Organization: SCOMathon

Judges: Stoyan Chalakov, Bob Cornelissen, tbd…

Contestants: Come on and take the challenge to take on several community experts into building a Management pack in record time to solve some challenge given by the attendees registering for this event!

Attendees: I hope all of you. This is a 2-day thing, whereby we will have two webinar type meetings. One is to set the stage, give the challenge, who are the contestants. The second meeting is the day after and is to show what has been created and what the thinking process was, followed by the judging and calling out a winner to this years competition!

Come on a register for this event and submit your ideas for topics (packs, solutions), to be attacked by the contestants in 24 hours time. So jump to the page linked below  for registration or…. if you dare… click the Compete button as well.

HackaSCOM 2022 – SCOMathon

Let’s have some fun!

Bob Cornelissen