SCOM Tricks overview

I will post a series of entries here in a series called SCOM Tricks. They will all start with the title “SCOM Trick” so they are easy to recognise.
The purpose of the SCOM tricks is to have a number of short articles that just discuss one small aspect of SCOM. So these can be places where you can find stuff, things you can adjust, helpful things, solutions to common issues, howto’s and more. Many of these will be well known within the community, but as we come across so many people asking the same questions and asking for directions on the same kind of issues, I think it is well worth bringing this together in a series of small posts to bring them all to attention. A number of these will just cover a number of links to more extensive posts made somewhere else as pointers to where the information can be found. The entries will not be in any particular order. Links to all related posts in this series will be posted here in the list below and can also be found through the Category “SCOM Tricks” on the right-hand side in the list. The list below will list a few posts for the coming days. Some of the posts will reflect my personal opinion on things and they are by no means complete guides (feel free to suggest additions/changes). Entries in the list below that do not have a link enabled are still to come, but at least you know what is coming B)
Any remarks, additions, corrections and of course “tricks” are very welcome so do not be afraid to contact me.
SCOM Trick 1 – Product documentation
SCOM Trick 2 – Management Pack Guides
SCOM Trick 3 – Where to ask questions
SCOM Trick 4 – Learning SCOM
SCOM Trick 5 – SCOM Books
SCOM Trick 6 – VMware monitoring
SCOM Trick 7 – Use Maintenance mode
SCOM Trick 8 – Who enabled maintenance mode
SCOM Trick 9 – Maintenance mode tooling
SCOM Trick 10 – SCOM console renew
SCOM Trick 11 – Seeing old or unmonitored entities
SCOM Trick 12 – Diagnostic logging
SCOM Trick 13 – SPN
SCOM Trick 14 – Troubleshoot grey agents or management server
SCOM Trick 15 – cross platform agent troubleshooting
SCOM Trick 16 – 1106 event from HealthService
SCOM Trick 17 – SCOM 2007 R2 and SQL 2008 R2
SCOM Trick 18 – Removing management packs
SCOM Trick 19 – Remove SCOM agent command
SCOM Trick 20 – Increase console refresh rate
SCOM Trick 21 – Enable agent proxy
SCOM Trick 22 – Only seeing 7 days of alerts
SCOM Trick 23 – Edit company knowledge
SCOM Trick 24 – Antivirus exclusions
SCOM Trick 25 – Report export to PDF in A4 format
SCOM Trick 26 – Seal a management pack
SCOM Trick 27 – Un-seal a management pack
SCOM Trick 28 – Creating test events
SCOM Trick 29 – Web Console Issues
SCOM Trick 30 – Monitor Network Devices
SCOM Trick 31 – Monitor server hardware
SCOM Trick 32 – Monitor Oracle
SCOM Trick 33 – Service Level Dashboard
SCOM Trick 34 – Move SCOM databases
SCOM Trick 35 – SCOM Licensing
SCOM Trick 36 – Capacity planning
SCOM Trick 37 – Backup RMS encryption key
SCOM Trick 38 – Gateway
SCOM Trick 39 – RMS reconnect to SQL feature (post CU4)
SCOM Trick 40 – SNMP
SCOM Trick 41 – the Default MP
SCOM Trick 42 – Getting notified
SCOM Trick 43 – Collation
SCOM Trick 44 – Live Maps
SCOM Trick 45 – ReSearch This MP
SCOM Trick 46 – Green machine MP
SCOM Trick 47 – SCC Health Check reports
SCOM Trick 48 – Certificate validation
SCOM Trick 49 – Monitoring CentOS
SCOM Trick 50 – Reporting
SCOM Trick 51 – Dashboarding possibilities
SCOM Trick 52 – Agent in pending management
SCOM Trick 53 – New Report Operator role
SCOM Trick 54 –

Bob Cornelissen