SCOM Technet Forums

For everybody in the know this is not news, but there are still a lot of people who have never been there…..
The Operations Manager Technet Forums.
This is a place where you can ask all kinds of questions about SCOM and issues you might run into. It is frequented by many Microsoft staff, MVPs, Microsoft Community Contributors and other enthusiasts from the community to answer questions. It is a very active place. If you have a question you can ask it here. I think it is incredible that there are so many people taking the time to answer questions from others.
Of course there are many other forums for other products to be found there as well.
Anybody wondering why I was a bit quiet last month in blogging is because I spent some time over at the forum. But I will pick up the pace again soon.
Over here is the long list of all Technet Forums for all products:
Another place to frequent would be:
System Center Central
This is also a site ran by System Center community enthusiasts and is a great place where there is not only a forum for questions, but also wiki and blog posts from several MVP’s and other members of the very active System Center community. This covers all System Center products.
Again, don’t be shy and jump into these forums if you have any issues or questions or if you have something to share with the world.
I just love the fact that the System Center community is this active and it is nurtured by the Microsoft product teams. The above are just a few examples of the much broader range of initiatives. Also I would like to thank everybody in the community (including product team members) for all the support they give and how responsive they are whenever anybody asks a question.
Anyway, dont forget to stop by in any of these places.
Bob Cornelissen