SCOM Trick 1 – Product documentation

Alright, let’s face it… we are all IT people. So to generalize, we are stubborn and do not read manuals unless we are forced to. We install products and start clicking away. Until we hit a wall somewhere or we start complaining about something that is not there in a product while it is actually there, but we cannot find it. So in the rare occasion that we actually do not find something on our own and we have no other choice than to read the documentation, or when others tell us to first read about the subject before asking questions… Here are the online product documentation locations:
The TechNet library for System Center products
The TechNet Library for SCOM 2007:
The TechNet wiki
Other locations of documentation are community sites and a lot of sub-sites of the above. But these will be covered in other SCOM Trick posts.
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