SCOM Reporting series – Who are the Stakeholders

In this part of the SCOM Reporting blog post series I was to discuss the Stakeholders. So In short: Who are we doing it for?

As with other aspects of monitoring in general, also in SCOM and SCOM Reporting we should have a closer look at the stakeholders.


Because with monitoring tools often only 3rd line System Admins are considered to be using it and looking at it.

However monitoring and reporting is important for several more people in the company, or it could be, or it should be…

An example is that in larger companies there are Audits. The auditors request reports to management. And management wants to have some regular reports as well about the performance and availability of their systems. For reporting I would consider these are some of the stakeholders you might have who can request reports or benefit from it:

  • IT Managers
  • SCOM Admins
  • Company Managers (outside IT)
  • Auditors
  • Capacity Management
  • Incident Management

When looking at monitoring and dashboarding in general there would be a few more, such as an IT helpdesk for example. If you have good dashboards to provide to them about the current status of the environment, that is usually great and good enough.

Looking at these stakeholders you will recognize that they likely need different types of reports. Luckily SCOM provides for a number of report types and many are built-in in management packs or can be created from the generic reports. There are also a few community reports which are very useful. In other posts to come in this blog post series we will investigate a few of them. As you can see from the stakeholders list, a lot of them are managers or management related and you can imagine they often do not look at the technical aspects of the backend systems and causes, but need to have an overview of performance and availability and KPI’s. While the System Admins usually focus on very specific technical details, or can use reports for SCOM specific things in the environment. We will show a bit of everything in the series.

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