SCOM MP for Scheduled tasks monitoring updated to

Last Friday we released an updated version of the Scheduled Tasks monitoring management pack for SCOM.

The new version is and can be found here:

Release Release · BCornelissen/SCOM-WinTaskSchedulerMP (

The main fix in this MP was a bug which was brought to our attention, where the performance collection rule for Job Duration did not work. We have now fixed that bug and data is seem coming in at several SCOM management groups. Since this is a rule which is disabled by default, it was not seen earlier.

Aside from this, we made minor adjustments to display strings. The internal name of the management pack still has 2008 in it for reason of backwards compatibility, but the pack is found working up to and including Windows Server 2022. Some display strings were adjusted to reflect “2008 and higher”, instead of the many separate versions in a long line.

Happy monitoring!

Bob Cornelissen