SCOM 2022 UR2 is available

Microsoft has released UR2 for SCOM 2022 today.

The article is found here Update Rollup 2 for System Center 2022 Operations Manager – Microsoft Support on the System Center Blog. This will bring the KB5031649 version to 10.22.10280.0.

This time we see a number of fixes, improvements, additions for Linux monitoring (newer distros supported).

UR2 msp files: Download the Operations Manager update package now.

UR2 exe file: Catalog location

Linux/UNIX MP: System Center 2022 Management Pack for UNIX and Linux Operating Systems

What does this update contain? I will copy some text from Microsoft’s site mentioned near the top of this post below:


  • Discover Azure Migrate, generate Business Case & Assessment through Operations Console.

Issues that are fixed

Operations Manager 2022 Update Rollup 2 includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue which was causing hang in SCXOM modules because of infinite loop due to incorrect usage of GetExitCodeThread in the Thread::Thread class
  • Updated documentation mentioning that domain accounts are not supported for maintenance, which was earlier a confusion and was causing SSH error for customers.
  • Added DISTINCT Keyword to Maintenance Mode Query in StateChangeEventList which improved query time.
  • Fixed an issue which was blocking virtualization of Candidates Report for several languages.
  • Fixed the issue of RHEL 9.1 not being added to SCOM.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing NullReferenceException when criteria Is Empty.

Security Enhancements

  • Fixed several Web Console Security Vulnerabilities.

Unix/Linux/Network monitoring fixes and changes

  • Fixed an issue where msgAuthenticationParameters needs to have 0 length during engine discovery of SNMPv3 devices. Also
  • Fixed an issue related to SNMP Discovery where we see MonitoringHost.exe crashes.
  • Fixed the issue where user was unable to run Get-SCXAgent and Invoke-SCXDiscovery remotely using Invoke-Command.
  • Added supportability on Operations Manager Linux Agent for New distros Like Rocky Linux 8, Alma Linux 8.
  • Added Supportability on Operations Manager Linux Agent for Openssl3.0 Distros Like Ubuntu22, RHEL9, Rocky9, Alma9 and Oracle 9.
  • Fixed an issue leading to Linux agent crashes when the DSC provider is installed.
  • Fixed Linux Agent Crash issues due to XML Parsing issues.
  • Addressed various Codeql issues.
  • Enhanced Linux Agent with important compiler mitigation
  • Fixed a Linux Agent installation issue on Solaris 10X86 due to older openssl versions.
  • Fixed a Linux Agent installation issue caused by Disabled SELINUX in the customer environment.
  • Fixed an issue with Linux Agent Causing 100% CPU Usage
  • Fixed an issue with Script Timeout not working when Elevation type is Sudo
  • Increased OMI Query Filter size to 256 to support more complex query
  • Incorporated important Cipher Suite as Defaults.

I will be updating again and will also reflect the changes in the TopQore SCOM Health Check.

Bob Cornelissen