New version of BizTalk 2010 MP available

A few days ago Microsoft released the a newer version (7.0.391.0) of its BizTalk 2010 management pack. The pack can be downloaded from this page.
Basically it seems to address a known issue with a discovery to be able to handle a large amount of BizTalk artifacts. I can not see anything else has changed. Be aware that the What’s new section in the MP guide is actually the contents of the initial pack of 3 years ago and not relates to this specific version iteration of the pack.
This means my BizTalk Noise reduction management pack for version 2010 is still valid and needed if you plan to run this monitoring pack!
There is one more thing to keep in mind. If you also plan to run the BizTalk 2013 packs (see my next blog post), and you run the MSI from the download it will say that it has already been installed (it thinks the 2010 pack extraction is the same), so if that happens remove the pack from control panel – programs and install the other one in order to extract the mp files. Also if you want to run both the RFID packs for both BT versions this will not import because of a duplicate relationship type. Most are not importing this specific thing, but just to make you aware. Have already let my friends at MS know about these issues and I hope they will be fixed.
I had hoped more known issues, like the noise reduction, would have been fixed, but I guess there is room for improvement for a future version of the same pack? Not sure if we will see that though for the 2010 pack.
Bob Cornelissen