New preview management packs for Windows Server 2012 R2

An interesting link showed up in the Microsoft Downloads page. Seems like our SCOM 2012 environments will be more than ready for the upcoming R2 of Server 2012. Microsoft has just released *preview* MPs for the all the major infrastructure components in R2 like AD, DNS, DHCP, RDS, Hyper-V and so on. Most of the packs are only updated to include support for R2, but some of them have new features.
Here is summary of the MPs with new features:
Discovery of AD LDS instances, configuration sets, and application partitions
Monitoring the availability of AD LDS instances and application partitions
Monitoring replication between AD LDS instances
Monitoring AD LDS server availability from AD LDS clients
Client Perspective Monitoring
Replication Instance Topology Report
Instance Info Report
DFS Replication MP
Support for clustered namespaces
Support for clustered replication group members
Agentless monitoring
DHCP availability monitoring
IP address range consumption monitoring
Policy IP range health
File Server MP
Support for:
Server MP
Fixed MaxConcurrentAPI issues.
Changed Cluster Discovery to only discover volumes and resource type “Physical Disk”.
Added performance rules and reports for Windows Server 2012 R2 that target Windows Server 2012 R2 Operating System
As mentioned, the other MPs for AD, DNS, Failover Cluster, Hyper-V, WSUS, RDS, NLB, are updated to support for Windows 2012 R2.
As usual you can find all the monitoring scenarios in the MP guides.
Most likely by the time of the release of the RTM of Server 2012 R2 these packs will be updated again, but for now you can download the preview bits from the Microsoft download page here.