MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge

In the month of May 2021 the Microsoft MVP’s were challenged to participate voluntarily in a cloud skills challenge. During time of the Microsoft Ignite events there are more often learning challenges for the whole public, which means going through a number of Microsoft Learn modules within a certain time. Usually this is about 8 hours of learning about certain subjects of choice.

The MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge was comparable to this, where participants could select between 3 tracks to pick up (or pick up all of them if they wanted). Each track is estimated between 20 and 30 hours of modules.

MVP Cloud Skills challenge picture

The 3 main tracks were:

  • M365
  • D365 and Power Platform
  • Data and AI


Reason I participated

Well to be honest, while doing all your work and other things there tends to be less time, or less time taken, for learning new things.

I love learning new things, so this was just a good excuse for me to move forward and attack one of the selected tracks modules. In my case I went for the M365 track first, which also contains a bit of Teams modules. Since we use Teams and run across it at customers, it makes sense to have a look at these modules to see what the theory says and also what is possible which might be turned on or off for the environments we run across.

Let me try and share the Collection I made for this challenge where the Challenge itself is connected to. If you follow the collection to the challenge, there should be a Start Learning button somewhere to jump to the set of modules. I invite you to give it a try.

The Microsoft Docs Learn has a very large collection of learning paths and modules for a load of subjects. A lot of it is cloudy related, because that is the main focus. But there is a lot to be found here which can be very worth your time. Some are also learning paths leading to certifications, and others are to learn about certain new feature you might want to play with (Ai, Quantum, IOT).

I managed to finish the M365 challenge on time close to the end of the month. Just did not have enough time for the others. The AI track also looked very interesting to play with.

No worries, whenever you want to learn more, just have a look at the learn site and find modules of interest!

Bob Cornelissen