HackaSCOM 2021 is coming your way

HackaSCOM 2021 combines a conventional hackathon with SCOM to bring together some of the greatest SCOM experts in a head-to-head 24-hour challenge. On 16 and 17 November 2021 there will be sessions to start and end the HackaSCOM and in the 24 hours in between several experts will be going nuts behind their keyboards creating some open source solution for SCOM monitoring!

I will paste information from the website below.

You can register to attend the event, and submit ideas for the experts to build. Or if you know a monitoring master or coding champion who should be a contender in the match, please point them to the page as well.

Registration page for HackaSCOM 2021 is here.


How it works

What our experts build is entirely up to you! We’re calling on the SCOM community to tell us what type of monitoring would rock your world. So, if there is a time-saving tool you need building or a weird and wonderful thing you want to monitor then let us know. It can be anything from monitoring a sea of servers to monitoring the tidal forecast, so you can catch the perfect wave.

Once the votes are in our SCOM experts will have 24-hours to build the ultimate monitoring solution, then pitch their ideas back to our judges. We’re expecting to see a whole host of useful tricks & tips exposed in these builds, that can be applied to your own monitoring challenges. So, we’ll be sharing all the code as open-source after the event.

When & where?

November 16 – Ready, Set, Code

During this webinar, you’ll have the chance to vote on the final monitoring mission we set our experts. We’ll then hear our experts’ initial thoughts on their challenge and start the timer! Giving our pros a mere 24-hours to complete their build.

November 17 – The Results

In this webinar, our experts will be center-stage to showcase their work live to our panel of judges, who will then critique their approach and nominate a winner. In true community spirit, there are no cash prizes here, instead, we’ll be making a donation to the champion coder’s charity of choice.