Getting more out of your DPM monitoring through SCOM

If you are monitoring DPM 2012 through SCOM 2012 and you have multiple DPM servers setup you might want to gain more insight into the status of the backup service as a whole and point to the issues at hand from a central location. In that case I would like to bring to your attention a blog post (and more to come) from my good friend and fellow System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP -> Steve Buchanan.
In his post he shows us how we can take advantage of the Distributed Application feature of SCOM, whereby you can link the health status of separate objects together into one Distributed Application. This creates a single location where your application can be viewed and the status of the objects is combined and can be reported on with Service Level Agreement views and availability reports. A good entry for any higher level dashboards where you can see the status of other central services as well.
Go and see Steve’s blogpost here:
DPM as a Distributed Application in SCOM.
Enjoy your backups and your monitoring at the same time!