December 2020 SCOMathon sessions

In the second week of December is the SCOMathon Workshop week. Every day for 5 days there will be a different workshop topic. This is from 7 December to 11 December.

We at TopQore have the Tuesday 8 December scheduled and our topics are:

  • Reporting Basics (not writing custom ones with SQL code, that is covered in another session)
  • Alert Tuning using different methods, such as using a report and the SCOM console, Override Explorer and Easy Tune to name a few
  • SCOM Auditing features introduced in 2020

This will be a lot of presenting and some demo’s, with in between a few Exercises you can do at that time in a test/lab environment of your own. We are looking at making a number of the exercises possible to run even in a production environment and in those of different SCOM versions. Some would require a test SCOM and at the latest version (like the auditing part). In all cases the demo’s will show you what it looks like. We will make it as inclusive as possible to all for the exercises!

Each day has 4 time slots scheduled at the moment to cover most time zones. For Europe that is from early in the morning to late in the evening (at. Our session is expected to take you about 2,5 hours and we are scheduling to be there for 3 hours to give ample time for more Q&A. This setup means you can probably find a timeslot suitable for you anywhere in the world to participate!

All the information about the SCOMathon workshop week can be found at the overview page linked here

SCOMathon Workshop Week | SCOMathon

Please register for the topics you are interested in and at the time-slot you are interested in. And don’t forget the Tuesday 😉

And we will be posting updated requirements for our exercises soon. Also we will be posting the lab manual for the exercises right here in the TopQore webinar page for this workshop. Expect that to appear there very close to the session date.

All the topics for this SCOMathon week:

  • Monday – Deploying and Managing SCOM agents and gateways – Wei Hao Lim and Hoo Choon How
  • Tuesday – Reporting Basics, Alert Tuning and SCOM Auditing – Bob Cornelissen
  • Wednesday – SCOM Management group and DB tuning – Stoyan Chalakov
  • Thursday – Dashboards and Reporting – Thomas Beck
  • Friday – MP Authoring – Serge Zuidinga and Ruud van den Hooff