What is your opinion on management packs?

A while back my good friend Marnix Wolf posted an article about the quality of some of the management packs provided by Microsoft. As was to be expected this did cause some discussion as a lot of people in the community have opinions on that and sometimes very strong opinions :p. In short there are some MP’s that some people deem to be good or very good and some that many people in the community are not too happy with for several reasons.
As we are moving forward in time and also to a new version of SCOM people will still be using those management packs as they are the monitoring intelligence running on both the current and new Operations Manager versions. We have already heard that a few product teams will be looking at the new dashboarding features in the product to create cool, usefull and intuitive views for operators. But for outsiders it is hard to know if all product teams will be working on this. And of course for a number of management packs the possible improvements are more in the monitoring area, which is a big thing. I think the ultimate goal is to keep improving the management packs for current versions of the Microsoft server products and to also improve them whenever new versions of Microsoft server product appear and they are getting their new management packs created.
There is however another important question…
What do YOU think about these management packs ❓
That is exactly the question Marnix is asking you now in this post:
Management Packs: What do YOU think about it?
He has set up a questionaire on this subject asking your opinion on a good subset of available management packs and he will publish the findings of YOUR answers next month.
So hop over to his blog and bring out your opinions on these.
Bob Cornelissen