Webinar – SCOMathon SCOM Clinic

Hello community friends!
You may have noticed that I was busy creating things in the background, meaning less posts here. But there is a lot to come in the near future. We have been working on some things, both for the blog and community (webinars), and our product offerings as a company. So hang on for those to come.

First, I am announcing a webinar for 22 February 2022 at 4 PM CET (3 PM GMT).

The SCOM Clinic webinar

The title is: “The SCOM Clinic: Common SCOM Problems and Solutions

It is going to be presented by 3 presenters: Nathan Foreman, Bob Cornelissen, Bruce Cullen and is thus a webinar cooperation between TopQore and CookDown.
As the word clinic in the title suggests, we are going to talk about the health of your SCOM environment. We will discuss some common issues, and you can also bring forward some questions while signing up for the webinar in the form. I am assuming there will be time for live questions as well.

Also, both companies have SCOM Health Checks and we will explain what the big differences are. The TopQore Health Check catches a lot more information and is geared to look at different aspects, such as Infrastructure health, versioning, best practices, packs, tables, tuning, procedures, process, ITIL, dashboarding, and so on (read more here).

We have the webinar announcement here:

The SCOM Clinic: Common SCOM Problems and Solutions | TopQore

You can also find the registration link there, which leads to the SCOMathon registration form for the webinar. Also, after the webinar date has passed there will be a link in the same spot to the recording.

Hope to see you there!

Bob Cornelissen