Todo list when adding SCOM management servers to existing management group

A while back my good friend Marnix Wolf wrote about a list of things you must not forget when adding an additional management server to a SCOM management group. Of course we can all imagine to install SCOM on that server and update it to the same Update Rollup level as the existing management servers, but there are more things to keep in mind. At the time I wrote myself a reminder to add a few items to Marnix’s list, and this week while adding a few management servers to an existing management group actually thought about those items. From there Marnix and myself constructed a new list of things to do and check when adding an additional SCOM management server.
You can read the updated list here:
I guess we could think of even more things which could happen or be the case in more rare cases. For instance when not only adding a server, but also removing one of the existing ones after that (so installing servers with the goal of removing others). But those kind of things have more to do with removal of an MS and therefore the other MS having to pick up the workloads of the older MS, such as connectors and workflows pointing to such a server from other tooling, or the Exchange correlation engine in the Exchange 2010 MP. But I think the article mentioned above covers most things we would forget about when just adding a management server.
A good list to jump back to.
Bob Cornelissen