TechNet Galleries move

Lately there has been a lot of effort by Microsoft in getting Microsoft Q&A ready for production for all products. This is the new platform for the old forums lets say (TechNet and MSDN).

Now there s also something on TechNet called the Gallery, where we placed scripts and packs and other stuff created throughout the years. TechNet gallery is being deprecated very soon now and people are encouraged to save their code and projects and place them elsewhere.

So I decided and pick up the SCOM packs and scripts I created in the past years and place them on GitHub. This is one of the suggested destinations where to place code.

My GitHub can be found here:

Keep in mind the newly created repositories contain stuff relating to SCOM 2007 and SCOM 2012 and packs from that era. Several of which are still used and can be used also in newer versions.

Also as a request to other authors, please save your scripts and contributions and place them somewhere for people to find. As a user of those scripts and packs  can say they have helped me and my customers greatly throughout the years!

Bob Cornelissen