System Center 2022 is coming

Just a for your information from my side friends:

A few of you have spotted this already. It is possible now to start evaluating System Center 2022 components from the Microsoft Evaluation Center.

System Center 2022 | Microsoft Evaluation Center

Over there you will find SCOM, SCVMM, SCSM, SCORCH 2022 downloads, so you can start testing those and start playing with those.

Also, a lot of documentation has been released already at the docs site over here (I list the link for SCOM there, I am sure you can find those for the other products from there):

Operations Manager | Microsoft Docs

This should help you to plan for the arrival of these products, design, and test those.

Now, I am not yet at liberty to discuss with you all the new features of these products, until we see the official RTM post on the Microsoft blogs, which is not that far off in time. We will be back to discuss more about those items very soon. By the way, there are already webinars planned by us talking about What is new in SCOM 202 and another about Upgrading to SCOM 2022 in the coming months. Keep an eye on our blog and website for those announcements.

SCOM 2022

In any case, you can go ahead and test and evaluate these items.

In the Eval center it says that DPM eval version might arrive by 1 May 2022, so it is not part of the eval center downloads today. It will come soon I’m sure.

Also the Eval center only has English versions of the products available at this time. After RTM, the other languages will be available from the regular download sites where you download your software from normally.


Have much fun!

Bob Cornelissen