SCOM Web Console Error 404 and Unexpected error

This is an old one as well, but we still see it happening (including in my case). Actually these are two cases.
First had an 404 error when I opened the SCOM Web Console for the first time. Well this links back directly to my previous post where the…

Remotely testing SQL connections

One nice gem from Steve Rachui’s blog is a trick on how to simply troubleshoot remote SQL connections.
Just create an empty txt file anywhere on the disk and give it an UDL extension and click it. You will see a tool popping up with several tabs. on t…

SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 4 is RTM

SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 4 has just been released a few days ago.
You can download files here:
The SQL 2005 SP4 Readme file
Download SQLServer2005SP4-KB2463332-x64-ENU.exe for X64
Download SQLServer2005SP4-KB2463332-x86-ENU.exe for X86

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