SQL 2008 reporting on Windows 2008 authorization failed permissions insufficient

Was at a customer site a few days back and encountered a problem with SQL 2008 reporting services on windows 2008 r2.
Installed the reporting services and checked http://localhost/reports and found that it did show me a page, but I seemed to miss the possibilities to manage it (site settings). When going to http://localhost/reportserver it did not even let me access it and gave me the following:
The permissions granted to user ‘domain\user’ are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied).
I was 100% sure I had all
rights needed.
Also the SCOM web console would not show up. It did show the login form, but when it entered the page it first gave an error and upon refreshing it gave a few words and icons, but nothing much.
In the end the solution was as simple as killing UAC.
These programs work with UAC user account control and if you start explorer as administrator you will see it gives you the pages correctly. So I stopped UAC and all problems went away. And could continue quickly with the SCOM Reporting installations.
Bob Cornelissen