Office 2010 Beta Activation – part 2

Was funny after my last post I discovered what the installer was doing after entering the key. It was removing Outlook 🙄
In the end it was just the broken office 2007 underneath it that caused the whole mess.
And removing office 2007 the normal way was not possible. So… I followed the procedure for manually removing the whole office 2007 installation.
This also took care of the 32 bit office programs stuff. SO I cold go for Office 2010 64 bit now.
After installation just start up MS Word. Go for File – Help. There is a link there to change the product key and activate the product. This time this worked! It was just the broken office 2007 that kept everything from working.
Anyway, was happy for the manual removal procedure for the 2007 version to solve all problems.
Bob Cornelissen