SCOM Updates

If you are running SCOM 2007 R2 or SCOM 2012, there are new updates available for you! See below for both. We start with SCOM 2012 and will name SCOM 2007 below that.
SCOM 2012 UR1
A number of days ago Microsoft Released System Center 2012 UR1 (Update Rollup 1) of SYstem Center 2012 with update for SCOM and VMM mainly (and App Controller I think). The list of updates for SCOM 2012 is an interesting one which addresses a number of issues we have seen. SO that is recommended to be installed. The update is not very large in download size and there is no more bootstrapper. After the update the files that were replaced will have version 7.0.8560.1021. The following are resources you will need to go for SCOM 2012 UR1:

SCOM 2007 R2 CU6
A few hours ago Microsoft released Cumulative update 6 for SCOM 2007 R2 (CU6). It has a number of fixes in the list. It looks like the installation order is roughly the same as previous CU’s, but be sure to first read through the whole KB article. Experience has learned that reading closely avoids a number of issues. Be sure to test it first in a test environment, or perhaps wait for a few days until some of the more well known names have posted about their experiences installing it and if they found any issues during install or right after it. The version of the files after the upgrade will be 6.1.7221.99 after applying CU6 (the files that get replaced of course).

For sure I will do both updates in several environments (both test and production) and if I run into anything I will surely post it back here.
Happy upgrading and monitoring!
Bob Cornelissen