SCOM Trick 32 – Monitor Oracle

After monitoring operating systems there might also be a wish to monitor Oracle. Of course Oracle has a bit more to offer than a database server. I will list a few links and products here that monitor the database and some that monitor other components.
First of all I want to mention the first Oracle that I was asked to monitor. It turned out to be Oracle Linux operating system. We found that this OS actually made itself known as RedHat Linux and that the SCOM discovery wizard also saw it that way. So we can pick it up as a Linux server with cross plat monitoring.
Next here are a few links to monitoring solutions for Oracle:
NiCE has a great management pack for monitoring Oracle NiCE website. They have been building on this pack continually. Feel free to request information or a trial.
Bridgeways has a management pack for Oracle Database:
There is also a beta version for Weblogic there. However it has been in beta for some time now, not sure when they are going to release it.
ComTrade has an Oracle Siebel management pack:
Quest has a management pack for Oracle Database:
And a connector to link Oracle Enterprise Manager to SCOM
Monitor an Oracle database with a SCOM OleDB watcher
Kristopher Bash has also been working on a management pack:

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