SCOM Trick 31 – Monitor server hardware

When monitoring operating systems and server applications you will probably get to thinking you would like to monitor a bit more from the hardware as well. Well this is possible in a few ways depending on the hardware and also depending on the operating system running on it.
In many cases, like with Dell and HP there are hardware monitoring and management agents installed on the server which get used by management packs to talk to.
So let’s go with some of the links I have listed (some might be more than just the server hardware, but I am guessing you wont mind seeing an additional link):
Dell Server Management Pack Suite v4.0
Dell PowerEdge/PowerVault Servers, Dell Remote Access Controllers (DRAC) and Chassis Management Controllers (CMC). See below for a newer version.
Version 4.1 A00:
Dell MD Storage Array Management Pack Suite v4.0
Supported Storage Arrays: MD3000, MD3000i, MD1000 daisy chained to a MD3000 or MD3000i
Dell Printer Management Pack v4.0
Dell Client Management Pack v4.0
Check out this page for some of the latest links which are also listed above (but perhaps get updated more often):
Create Dell hardware reports in SCOM
HP Insight Control for System Center
HP Storage works MP
HP EVA management pack
Sun Solaris
Outside of what the cross plat agent can monitor you can add to this by adding the Solaris machine as a SNMP network device and pick up the xSNMP MP and add the Sun monitoring bits.

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