SCOM Trick 3 – Where to ask questions

Once in a while you will have a question. Something will not work as expected. You discover a bug or SCOM does not react as expected. You might be looking for something special. Well first of all I would suggest to check out the official documentation and the management pack guides and perhaps a book on the product (is another trick 🙂 ). After this you could go over to several community resources. Just to name a few:

  • The TechNet forums for SCOM
  • Just for fun I will add the link to all the TechNet forums:
  • The System Center Central community website (forums, blogs, wiki and more)
  • The My IT Forum community site (forums, blogs and more):
  • There are a lot of community sites, for instance System Center User Group websites. Many times these are arranged by country or region.

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