SCOM Trick 25 – Report export to PDF in A4 format

Some customers of ours just love reporting. They create as much of them as possible and run them, schedule them, save them and print them. All very good, as reporting is a strong component in SCOM. But all of our customers are outside of the US. This means they are using A4 paper format to print on. Now the link between all this is the following. SQL Reporting Services (and thus SCOM reporting) has a button to export a report to several different formats (PDF, Excel, CSV and so on). Also when you schedule a report to run you will select the format in which you get it. Mostly we see them select the PDF option. Now per default this becomes a PDF in Letter paper format and when you print that it gives errors on an A4 type printer.
There is a simple solution to this. Add the PDF A4 formats (Landscape and Portrait) to your report server config and you will be able to use those! For most performance reports I would recommend selecting the PDF A4 Landscape format as the graphs come out better in that one.
Here is a link to a guide I wrote a few years ago on how to add the PDF A4 options to your report server.

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