SCOM Trick 24 – Antivirus exclusions

One of the things that are regularly forgotten is to set certain antivirus scanner exclusions for SCOM (and other applications as well to be honest). All of the virus scanners can be set to exclude certain paths or processes or file extensions. Some of the scanners have some kind of script scan protection. In almost all cases it is best to set the correct exclusions as not doing so might give strange errors. These are mostly related to scripts not running or giving errors. And as you know a lot of SCOM is also script based.
These links will provide the right advice for setting your exclusions the right way:
Antivirus Exclusions for MOM and OpsMgr
Kevin’s pages are always the ultimate resource 💡
Antivirus exclusions for Operations Manager 2007
One more important thing when you are running McAfee is stopping the ScriptScan module on servers. Check out this post and links from it to the McAfee pages:
If other antivirus programs also implement something like ScriptScan than you know what to do to avoid strange errors.

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