SCOM Management pack fails to import due to nulnulnul entries in xml

Had something funny today, with an unsealed management pack failing to import.
It gave an error like so:
The management pack cannot be imported.
Xml failure while validating maangement pack. [Line: 227, Position 18]
hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 227, postion 18.
As it turns out when opening the xml file in Notepad++ we saw a lot of nulnulnul entries at the end of the file.
Mp nul
This seems to have been caused by copying the file around. Another instance from where it was copied from did not have these entries. It does not always happen, but just occasionally.
Solution is simple of course… delete those nulnulnul entries at the end of the file and try to import again.
A friend of mine, Yvo Quirijnen, already ran into this last week while trying to import other management packs in the same environment and found those nulnulnul entries. As we could not find posts from other people running into this I thought to post it here, just in case you run into this.
Happy importing!
Bob Cornelissen