SCOM CEP program

Just a short note this time. I have blogged about the SCOM 2012 CEP (community evaluation program) a lot already. And yes, I have yet to blog about the last two sessions, but I have been swamped with stuff to do. I will get to it for sure as they are very interesting subjects and near to the heart :p Like I have said before I really like the CEP program in general, because it gives access basically to information provided by the product team of that product about what is new and how to use it and see demo’s and ability to ask questions and such. This makes evaluating the product that much better for the public. It is also why I have been blogging about what is being said and things that strike out to me during those sessions. If you are serious about evaluating the beta products, join a CEP program if they have one!!
This week I got a note from Nicole Pargoff from the CEP program:
Congratulations! You are the October winner of the Operations Manager 2012 Community Evaluation Program Community Participation Contest. Thanks for your great blogs and all your on-going participation!
Thanks Nicole for your kind words and thanks to the CEP program for extending into the community like this.
Bob Cornelissen