SCOM CEP 5 is tomorrow

Just to inform you that the next SCOM 2012 CEP meeting is tomorrow and is on the subject of Application monitoring. Application monitoring is a monitoring layer that is scary to dive into, because for many non-Microsoft products there are no management packs and certainly not for custom developed applications. In many cases however a bit of searching and a few custom monitors are enough to catch those and when using Distributed Applications to capture the bits and pieces into an application view usually makes things a lot more clear. Some nice dashboards also will do the trick. For .Net applications which would normally be sitting on front-end web servers and connecting to back-end SQL servers there is a great solution called AviCode. This product has been bought by Microsoft and is now being integrated into SCOM 2012 and that is great news! It can do some fancy stuff that dives into the application layer where most system admins who are on the network and infrastructure layer never go. You will enjoy this if you need to monitor certain .Net apps and you need to point out the pain points to the application managers.
Here is an excerpt from the announcement of this session:
Applications are at the heart of all companies and IT is increasingly being tasked with not only keeping the servers running, but ensuring the applications being hosted on those servers are healthy. Virtualization and VM density has made it critical for IT to understand the impact of changes in the environment to the applications being hosted and to quickly isolate issues and address them before the small incidents grow into major problems. In this session we will look at how Operations Manager, the tool you use to manager your infrastructure, can also help you manage your applications.
CEP Theme 5 Virtual Chalk Talk
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
8:00 – 9:30 AM PDT
Hope to see you there!
Bob Cornelissen