SCOM 2019 and 2022 now have OpenSSL3 support

Microsoft announced yesterday that Ubuntu 22.04 and RHEL 9 will be supported in SCOM 2019 and SCOM 2022. This is due to having added OpenSSL 3.0 support as well to the product and adding new packs to support these flavors.

For SCOM 2022 this is implemented as a hotfix on top of UR1 as KB5024286. Of course, we expect this to be coming in the next Update Rollup as well. On the KB page its stated they are working on support for Alma9, Rocky9 and Oracle 9 as well meanwhile.

For SCOM 2019 and SCOM 2022, its next to download the new set of packs again. The Universal Linux RPM package seems to be the one supporting these operating systems.

This is some good news going forward.