Adding ChatGPT magic to SCOM with GripMatix

I hope you are all aware that GripMatix makes SCOM management packs for monitoring Citrix solutions. This has been a gaping hole for a few years since the pack from comtrade was bought by Citrix and next basically stopped. Since a while, we can now use the GripMatix packs for this and I highly encourage you to have a look at the possibilities on

Also, we see lately that forms of AI are being integrated into nearly everything. Of course the OpenAI Chat-GPT (currently version 3.5) is one of the bigger players there and very much in the news and visible in many videos online. Microsoft Bing is coming with a GPT-4 integration to help you search and go through results in a conversational manner. There are multiple image creation AI’s out there as well, and also Microsoft has one coming out for that. Many people love the way that you can talk to an AI bot and get results and feedback and it being a conversation. We recently did a webinar with Kazam Shaikh which you can view here or request a link to and receive a badge here.

Now, as you know, one of our main specialties is Microsoft SCOM. Wouldn’t it be fun to have an option to get ChatGPT to figure out some stuff regarding alerts we receive in SCOM?

Well, GripMatix has come up with a solution. The GripMatix SCOM-AI GPT solution to add to your SCOM management group.

I figured, lets show my audience what the download and install procedure looks like and get a result out of this thing within a few minutes. You can watch the video inline here:

As you can see, it is easy to setup and get it running, if you read the admin guide coming with the product. Keep in mind there is a free edition and a normal edition coming with their Citrix monitoring packs. The free edition has a few limitations, such as only critical alerts and coming from Windows Computer objects (or underlying class objects).

On 12 April 2023, we expect to do a webinar with GripMatix, about SCOM and AI and combinations of both of course. See to see announcements or recordings of webinars.

Don’t hesitate to contact to get to know more.

Enjoy monitoring!

Bob Cornelissen