SCOM 2012 CEP meeting experiences – part 1

Last week was the first meeting of the SCOM 2012 Community Evaluation Program (also called CEP) with Adam Hall and Justin Incarnato doing the honors for getting everybody involved and excited on this specific program. As the kickoff of the CEP program for SCOm 2012 it was meant as a brief intro into the CEP program and how to be involved and an introduction to the new features and capabilities of SCOM 2012. I have not had time to blog about it earlier (actually I started formatting this text the same evening, but couldn’t get further until today).
As a participant of previous CEP programs I was already a big fan of this kind of program. I have blogged about this before.
Nicole Pargoff, the overall CEP project manager, started the show to explain what the CEP program is. In short there will be several meetings every 2 weeks that share info (mostly from the product team) and themes. These will be the kickoff, Deployment and upgrading, pooling and RMS removal, visualization as the first few sessions. There will be downloads and recordings on a special connect site for this program. There is a contest as well.
Adam Hall gave a perspective on the history of System Center up into the current situation. How are we getting the productive infrastructure flexible and productive, with predictable applications in either private or public clouds and manage all of these components. The private cloud is all about delivering the application, cross platform from the metal up, on your terms and with best of class performance.
Delivering predictable applications. It is moving towards template based apps (such as in SCVMM) with definitions of applications in bits and pieces so we can deploy it more easily and monitor it at several levels. With the Avicode addition we can go deeper into the code so we can diagnose even deeper.
Justin Incarnato said that the RC is coming up shortly and RTM shortly after that.
The next post in this series will talk about whats new in the product (as discussed by Justin Incarnato) and my personal opinion on those.
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