SCOM 2012 CEP meeting experiences – part 4

As stated in the previous post, there was a SCOM CEP meeting last week which I wanted to discuss as I am enthusiastic about the CEP program and even more about the upcoming product and its possibilities. So lets continue with what Justin Incarnato discussed as new features and my personal opinion on those. Some of these will be more extensively blogged by several in the SCOM community and I will do so too.
Some changes that will be discussed more later:
One more thing that has changed is that overrides are not saved by default in the default management pack.
There have been many posts about this subject in the past.
There will be better knowledge for failed agent installs now. In the past it was a bit of guessing.
Operating system reports will now be broken down by computer.
There is a list of new PowerShell commandlets. Some community members have already started blogging about these as well. Graham Davies is one of them.
Also important to note are the things that will still be working!!! This refers to your previous investments in these areas of the product. These are at least the following:
ACS, AEM, DAD, reporting, datawarehouse, synthetic transactions, gateways, powershell, SLA/SLO, AD integration, notifications and subscriptions, existing management packs.
Note from Bob -> So lots of things going on, lots to test and discover in the product and lots to talk about in the community! Already started playing around with the product and will expand this testing/playing soon as time permits.
Also with these three posts I wanted to state that the CEP program is very valuable to help you test the beta product and to show you new features and how to go ahead and play with those. Also it provides a possibility to give feedback to community members and product group and discuss features and bugs and so on and so on. As you see there is lots of information to distill.
Thanks to the product group and to Nicole Pargoff, Adam Hall and Justin Incarnato for keeping us up to speed with this program and upcoming product! I thought this was a very good beginning of the CEP, and the attendance was with almost 150 attendees quite good for a kick-off (I couldn’t see it in the program but it was visible in Justin’s screen while he was showing off the great new features).
Thats all. Next meeting is 23 August.
If you are a member of the CEP or if you will become a member you can access a recording of the meeting(s) and more from the Connect site.
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